Between Magic, Holosophy and Gnosis : Harry Potter

"Harry Potter," a globally renowned series written by J.K. Rowling, is primarily seen as a work of fantasy, but a closer examination reveals a multitude of Gnostic magical themes interwoven throughout the narrative. Gnosticism, an ancient belief system with a focus on secret knowledge and the duality of the spiritual and material worlds, finds surprising resonance in the magical universe of Harry Potter. 

Central to Gnostic beliefs is the pursuit of hidden, esoteric knowledge. This theme is echoed in Harry Potter's journey at Hogwarts, where learning about magic is not just academic but also a path to self-discovery and understanding a hidden world. Characters like Hermione Granger, who voraciously consume magical texts, exemplify this Gnostic reverence for knowledge.

Gnosticism posits a dualistic universe comprising a spiritual realm of truth and a material world of illusion. Similarly, the Wizarding World in Harry Potter is a hidden, purer reality that exists alongside and within the mundane, non-magical world. This separation reflects the Gnostic view of an enlightened spiritual world concealed within the deceptive ordinary world. 

Gnostics believe that salvation is achieved through gnosis, or knowledge. Harry's journey is one of gaining knowledge, both of the magical world and of his own identity and destiny. His enlightenment and the eventual triumph over Voldemort symbolize the Gnostic idea of liberation through understanding.

Harry Potter can be seen as a Gnostic saviour figure. He possesses special knowledge and abilities, sets out to confront and overthrow the flawed material world represented by Voldemort, and aims to restore balance and truth.

These parallels offer a richer understanding of the series and highlight the depth of its narrative beyond mere fantasy. 

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Jag Tegedao har skrivit en bok som heter Holosophy : A New Gnosis i sann magisk Harry Potter anda som står för följande;

"We are the expression of a single consciousness and the experience of this reality is the story we are each telling. Oneness (HOLOSOPHY) pervades and underlies everything. The story we are each telling arises from looking in the same mirror — the space-time mirror through which we experience healing in individuation (HOLOSOPHY). This is the gift of the infinite perspective that birthed from within the one undivided consciousness to create the miracle of infinite diverse realities, each holographically (HOLOSOPHY) containing and reflecting the infinite diversity. And that is why you, your life, and this world are so friggin’ amazing! (HOLOSOPHY). There are no limits to what you can be; you are infinite. The only limit to what you can be is your self-belief and your imagination (HOLOSOPHY). Co-creation is about getting together to create a new way of being (HOLOSOPHY) and doing by unleashing the freedom to be who you are and what you love to create in form of creativity. The Creative Spark! (HOLOSOPHY) Are you ready to embrace the human experience as a choice to stimulate you creatively? You are in a creative dream. Your potential is unlimited. You are in an infinite playground. To be whole is to be the whole. We are all One in wholeness (HOLOSOPHY). Becoming incomplete allows for becoming complete. One way to understand the Unity and Wholeness of Reality is through the metaphor of the hologram (HOLOSOPHY). The hologram is an image that is reproduced and viewed from all sides simultaneously as a complete whole!  HOLOSOPHY GATHERING QUOTES (mest Story Waters; GNOSTIC/MYSTIC) 


The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling stands as a monumental creation in the realm of magical fantasy, bringing to life a richly imagined world where magic is an integral part of reality. HOLOSOPHY REALITY! The power of imagination can directly influence and create magic reality!