KRS-ONE SONG Released: 1990

Detta är en låt av KRS-ONE som skrivit The Gospel of Hip Hop!
KRS-ONE vid namn Lawrence Christhopher Parker, född 20 augusti 1968 i Brooklyn New York. Han har verkligen betonat det spirituella som typ ingen annan rappare har.
A MASTER OF STORY TELLING! Life and Literature handlar trots allt om story-telling!

KRS-ONE yttrar sig i lite maximer till seeds;
‘The way of Hip Hop is always self-creation, with faith and will you can change your situtation’
‘Only you can take care of you. Stop asking others to do what you can do’
‘Hiphoppas rise in health and wealth - when hiphoppas mature to a knowledge of self’
‘The best way to create and maintatin wealth - is to simultaneously create and maintain self ‘
‘Destruction begins when you doubt yourself, doubt your health, and doubt your wealth’
‘Be careful that the highest ideas of your self - aren’t just the opinions of everyone else’
‘In life there is only one true oppresor, it’s the mind of the person that feels like he is lesser’.